About Rose Development Corp
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About Rose Development Corporation

Rose Development Corporation is a full service construction firm that specializes in residential and commercial building construction and remodeling since 1978.

Our construction company brings over 30 years of combined building experience and we guarantee successful projects by working closely with our clients and a carefully selected group of architects, subcontractors and suppliers. Our years of experience gives us the ability to guide our clients through each phase of the building process and we welcome and encourage client participation at every step along the way.

As an innovative developer and builder we also, incorporate green technology in our construction methods. Some of the green construction methods we use include geothermal heating, closed cell foam for insulation and LED technology for lighting. We at Rose Development Corporation care about the environment and we are always striving for new and modern ways to reduce our carbon footprint, while maintaining our clients wants.

Whether you are building a home, commercial building or simply remodeling, we here at Rose Development Corporation know that it is a journey. At Rose Development Corporation, we make certain that you are pleased throughout the adventure and are completely satisfied at the journey’s end.

Company History

2012 - Our 34 year history is one of growth focused on our changing customers needs.

Our goal is to always exceed our customers' expectations and have built our reputation on quality craftsmanship and responsive service.

1994 - Over 500 projects completed!

Our quality construction practices withstand the test of time. Most of our commercial and residential construction projects are still standing and can be seen throughout Chicago and the Western Suburbs.

1978 - Rose Development Corporation is founded.

It was the dream of Walter Veselinovic to open a residential and commercial construction company. Little did he know that his success would make him one of the most sot after builder and remodeler in the Chicago land area.

Our Strengths and Capabilities

What makes Rose Development Corporation special is the unique combination of experience, technology, personnel, and integrity with which we approach each part of the project:

  • Active and competitive in the local bid market.
  • Nearly 50 projects undertaken each year.
  • More CM/GC experience than any other locally-based firm.
  • Award-winning on-site construction superintendence
  • Emphasis on quality and cost!
  • Green Building technology used in our projects

  • Rose Development Corporations strengths include:

  • Safety:
    Safety is our top priority, with one of the outstanding programs in the state.
  • Construction Expertise:
    Our staff includes experts recognized in the industry.
  • The Rose Development Staff:
    The quality of our people sets us apart. through our reputation for integrity and professionalism.
  • Administration and Management:
    Our staff are best in the business, providing top-level support for project management and field operations.
  • Information Technology:
    State-of-the-art technology for estimating, planning, and managing.